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Welcome to Blacknova Traders.
I would first like to say sorry for the long downtime, we never gave up on the game but we all had very important real life stuff that needed to be done, most of us was hoping to have this resolved a lot sooner, and after several discussions Ron and I have decided on moving the site over to this new current Rack Server located in Data Centre based in Germany, so hopefully the games should run more smoothly than it did before.
When I get around to setup the games I will only be running BNT1 which runs in Turbo Mode which will last for 1 Month, and yes I know not all players like the 1 Month game, but this is only until the game is fully setup and running as I wanted without issues.
I am starting to setup services one by one which is taking longer than I had planned, so this may take some time, anyhow I am starting to setup the following services listed below one at a time.
If you have any issues with our services then let me know at
Service Status Link
• Forums Running Link
Well the forums is up and running and should all work ok, but if you have any issues using the forums just let me know.
• Games Running Link
We currently only have running a test version of our next release of BNT.
• Developer Blogs Planning Link
I am in the middle of deciding on the software to be used and haven't yet decided which one to use.
This would be where the developers can post what they are working on (BNT Related)
• Development Section Planning Link
This will be all for development stuff and for downloading Hot Patches etc.
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