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Welcome to Blacknova Traders
Welcome back everyone…
Well we are finally starting to get everything back up and running.
We have now got an SSL Certificate so we can now have Secure Logins on the Forums, as well as our games.
The main game is all back up and running and to a state close to what it was before, I have had it running for a few days now and I cannot see any errors in the Apache log file, so I guess that’s a good thing :)
I will be leaving that game running while I design and code the new Desktop version of the game.
It will just be for Windows at first and then possibly Linux and Mac, sadly this won’t be for the Smart Phones due to their limited screen space.
And what I would like to be displayed would make it too difficult to see on that size of a screen.
All games are known to be of a stable state, however in some places unknown to us there maybe some issues.
Last Updated: 09th July 2017 Blacknova Development