⚠ Status update - Please Read ⚠
Sorry, the Game Service is not online at the moment, please read below for the reason why:
▪ I have been having health issues, then there was that fire in the data centre destroying the server (info on that issue in my blog) and then more health issues.
  ▫ Sadly I lost a lot of code in that fire and I mean a lot, to a point where I just had to take a break from it all.
▪ Sadly due to the newer versions of the following Packages the game has aqquired way too many errors to be able to run it securely.
  ▫ PHP, MariaDB
▪ And to resolve these issue more correctly it would require a recode of most if not all files.
  ▫ Sadly I do not want to spend all the time going through the code due to I know that almost all the code will have to be changed
▪ Therefore I might just work on a complete new version and layout of the site.
▪ We will also store you Account Information and it will be a Persistent Account, as to where a game reset will not erase the Account Information and you will use that one account to access everything.
  ▫ So you will only be required to create your account the once.
▪ Will also be supporting 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) using Googles Authenticator or Authy, but this is still being looked into, so might not be added at the start.
Services Currently running:
Our Forums are up and running.
Site Status Version: 0.0.54
Last Updated: 2022-04-17 10:40 UTC