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Server Status
We are sorry, but this universe is in flux and is being ripped apart by the expanding black hole.
This is down to the game being closed to the public.
It seems that we had a server crash earlier today corrupting InnoDB Tables, so I have taken offline the game until we know teh database is fine.
• The game will NOT be receving scheduled updates while offline.
• The database will NOT be creating Rollbacks while offline.
Update, game will be re-open around 03:00 - 05:00 UTC, it "should" continue where you all left off.
• Please be aware there WILL be errors displayed that I need to fix.
• If you see an error message displayed while playing take a screenshot and let me know via email with a link to it.
We have the following running Services:
Please check back later, or check on our forums on when this Universe will be back up.
All games are known to be of a stable state, however in some places unknown to us there maybe some issues.
Last Updated: 07th November 2018 Blacknova Development